How to view and retrieve data on the linux partition with windows

My friends ask me how to see the linux partition from windows. Finally, after googling I get a software called explore2fs. This software is very useful for people who use the two Operating System is linux and windows to view and retrieve the data we found in the linux partition. But there are weaknesses in software that is explore2fs this view and can not take the ext3 partition, explore2fs can only see and take in the ext2 partition. And this software is very portable that does not need to install the.

Ok. Simply how to use this software explore2fs:

1.Klik 2X file explore2fs
2.Klik partition that will capture the data.
3.Pilih data that you want to take on.
4.Klik right data to the capture | Export File

Hopefully this short article that can be useful for the friend - a friend.
Thank you.